Lead edge feeder "StarFeed"

New rotary feeder system with rubber belts “Mega Power” with continuous aspiration.

Thickness working cardboard from 1,5 to 1,6 mm.

Rear arms with hydraulic flotation.

Dashboard with Touch Screen "Siemens" display.

Adaptable on all machines for processing of corrugated cardboard, as casemakers, printers-slotters, platen presses, etc.

Processing formats from 1600 to 5400 mm.


Vacuum transport "Air Star"

Solution for existing processing machines (casemakers, rotary die-cutters, printing lines)

Reduction of times to change job, more precise and quicker transport of sheets, even with warped cardboard, productivity increase, better quality and better printing exactness, reduction of trimming and waste, flexible and easy to use machine.

All this can be obtained with your machines with a quick return of investment.

Trasporto Aspirato

Extend-o-slot Device

This retrofit can be adapted to all existing machines.

Electronic Servo Drive device applicable to the slotter unit on all lines of casemakers and printer slotters, to realize boxes with total length doubled in comparison with the nominal feeding of the machine. The device works with servomotors with high dynamic performance and adequate logic and power controls.

The length of the slots can be adjusted by means of a touch-screen panel.